Enjoy L’Escala and its environment by BTT. We offer different routes in the area, either along the coast or heading inland. The most important ones are: Rice fields route, Fountains route and Fluvià route. The Tourisme Office of L’Escala, offers the possibility of bicycles to rent.

Guided bike routes are available during the summer.


Walking is a non-competitive sport activity which seeks to bring people closer to nature. Also,  is a great way to discover an area through its heritage and its cultural and social aspects, preferably through the use of traditional paths. Walking by L’Escala is an enjoyable experience and an excellent way to discover the area in a different way, enjoying the scenery and getting to know special places and paths.

The environment around L’Escala offers the possibility of walks from L’Escala to the Montgrí Massif (part of the Plan of Open Spaces of the Natural Interest – PEIN) or along the GR-92 footpaths.

We have selected 6 different routes, each one with its own historical, scenic and natural features and each with a level of difficulty and duration in order to suit the specific needs of every walker.

Water sports

The sea is a part of our identity and benchmark. Sea water is an infinite source that allows us to practice many activities, such swimming, sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking …

For more information: Tourist Office, Plaça de les Escoles s / n, telephone (+34) 972 770 603